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Countertop Kit


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This convenient kit is designed for quick cleanup and maintenance of your indoor surfaces. Great for countertops, cabinets, backsplashes, floors, and walls.

Safe for use on all food prep areas. Non-toxic and safe for use around kids and pets. Free from any artificial scents.

- 1 x 8oz Empowered Daily Multi-Purpose Cleaner Spray
- 1 x 8oz Empowered Weekly Extra-Strength Multi-Purpose Cleaner Spray
- 2 x Microfiber Tek Towels
- 1 pair Nitrile gloves

- Daily cleanup and maintenance of indoor surfaces such as countertops, cabinets, backsplashes, floors, and walls.
- Use Empowered Daily for everyday cleanup.
- Use Empowered Weekly once or twice a week to clean and add a protective sealing coat to cleaned surfaces.

- Empowered Daily easily lifts dirt and grime and kills bacteria. Wipe clean with a Tek Towel for daily cleanup.
- Empowered Weekly cleans just as well as Empowered Daily, but has the added benefit of leaving a slick protective coating on cleaned surfaces that repels water, dust, oil, and fingerprints. Routine cleanup becomes easier and requires less effort!