Tekon® Scum Remover™ Bundle Deal

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Tekon® Scum Remover™ Bundle Deal


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This revolutionary cleaner & degreaser penetrates and breaks up oil, grease, dirt, grime, and scum. It is industrial-strength, yet gentle enough to use as a hand soap. Simply spray, let soak, and rinse off with water or a damp towel.

It is great for cleaning stoves, ovens, range hoods, barbecues, refrigerators, and even oil stains on concrete. Super Scum Remover can also remove some grease and oil stains from clothing.

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Non-Toxic, Industrial Strength Degreaser


Cleaning Power

Scum Remover penetrates greasy messes and breaks down grime, dirt, and stains with ease.

Scum Remover cleans stoves, ovens, range hoods, barbecues, refrigerators, and more!


Easy to Use

Tiny micro-sized cleaning particles encapsulate dirt, grime, and grease, lifting them to the surface for easy removal! No rinsing needed!

Just spray Scum Remover on the surface, wait a few minutes, and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.


Gentle and Safe

No terrible odors. No harsh chemicals. Scum Remover is strong, but it's gentle enough to even be used as a hand soap. Great for kitchen and home use!


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Cooking, baking, and barbecuing are fun. But nobody likes cleaning the dirty, greasy messes that follow. Scum Remover does the hard work for you, cutting down your cleaning and scrubbing time by 50%.

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Our eco-friendly water-based formula is safe for use around children and pets, and on all food prep surfaces! Fully biodegradable.

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Simply spray Scum Remover onto the surface, let it soak for a few minutes, and then wipe clean with a microfiber towel. That's all it takes to achieve a sparkling clean kitchen.

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MADE in the USA

We manufacture all our products in our brand new 26,000 sq. ft. facility in La Verne, California.

Great for cleaning nearly any hard surface in your home

Stone countertops

Scum Remover is safe for use on all tile and stone, including quartz, granite, and marble. Get grease stains out with ease, before they stain or discolor.

metal surfaces

Stainless surfaces look beautiful, but unsightly fingerprints from greasy hands or oil splatters on the range top can be an eyesore. Scum Remover helps keep them shining and sparkling clean.

glass and mirrors

Scum Remover doesn't just clean grease. Need to quickly clean light water spotting or fingerprints from glass, mirrors, or showers? No problem.

skin and clothing

Scum Remover can get some stains out of clothing. It can also be safely used to clean grease and grime that gets on your body!

Easy Application


Spray on

Simply spray Scum Remover on the surface and let soak for a few minutes to allow time to loosen and lift dirt, grime, and grease.


Wipe off

Use a clean microfiber towel to wipe the surface clean. Flip to a dry side when the microfiber begins to get saturated.


Buff to a shine

Use a clean microfiber towel to quickly buff the surface to a sparkling shine and get any remnant grease spots off.

How it Works

Tekon® Scum Remover™ is a water-based non-toxic cleaning solution that is formulated with an extremely high concentration of micro-sized cleaning particles. These cleaning particles effectively break down dirt, grime, and grease, and encapsulate them for quick and effortless removal with a simple wipe of a high quality microfiber towel. Oil splatters, fingerprints, and food stains are removed from the surface, leaving you with a sparkling clean kitchen and home.

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