Questions and Answers:

How do TEKON® products work?
TEKON® products clean and fill the microscopic crevices, craters and voids of glass, metal, stainless steel, wood or stone surfaces. TEKON® products' long lasting polymers create a protective covalent bond with the surface making it hydrophobic, oleophobic, and anti-static. This leaves indoor/outdoor surfaces easy to clean, water repellent, oil repellent, dust repellent and hygienic.

After applying TEKON's protective surface sealant products, a periodic cleaning is all that is required with TEKON's® economical and environmentally friendly maintenance products. TEKON's easy spray-on wipe-off products Clean • Protect • Shine® with every use leaving your surfaces crystal clear and in a Better Than New® condition. IT'S JUST THAT EASY!

SAVE MONEY! Eliminate all those harsh, harmful chemicals NOW by going "GREEN" with TEKON'S environmentally friendly, well-tested products. With TEKON® products you can reduce your maintenance time by at least 50%. Just imagine, you don't have to be a slave to your housekeeping chores. More time will be available to pursue personal matters or to spend with your loved ones!

Why does TEKON® work so well?
Glass, stone, metal and other architectural materials have microscopic pores on the surface. These pores are collection points for contaminants like water, dust, oil, salt, mildew, bacteria, lime and other minerals. Constant exposure to these contaminants stain, corrode, and oxidize the surface destroying the new natural look of the material. TEKON® treated toilet bowls resist lime deposits, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals and stays cleaner for much longer periods of time. Showers and bathtubs, porcelain or fiberglass are sealed against hard water deposits. Chrome fixtures resist water spotting and easily wipe clean. A spray mist of TEKON's Repellant Wash® and a Microfiber Tek Towel cleans, protects and shines.

TEKON® treated windows and doors shine brighter than new. Permanently spotted glass can be restored with TEKON's Glass Luster™. TEKON® bonds a clear hydrophobic coating that increases the clarity and protects glass from water-spot damage. Water is repelled and glass stays cleaner and brighter than ever before. Dust, dirt and other airborne contaminants no longer stick to the surface and are easily cleaned with TEKON® Repellant Wash®. Mirrors appear brighter, become anti-static and remain dust free. 
Aluminum and tile becomes water repellent and spot resistant as well as corrosion resistant. Shower doors shine brighter than new and water spots wipe off easily with Repellant Wash and a microfiber Tek Towel. TEKON® treated glass tables are scratch and spot resistant. Glass table tops become a source of pleasure: shiny and clear.

Why would a stone fabricator choose TEKON® over other standard stone sealers?
Once a fabricator uses TEKON® Easy Clean Forever® protective sealing products, he can feel confident that the protective sealing is long lasting and leaves a finish that is Better Than New®. The applicator obtains consistent results and best of all customer satisfaction. The customer is left with Empowered Weekly™ to clean and maintain that Better Than New® appearance and is also provided with Empowered Daily™ and microfiber Tek Towels for daily hygienic clean ups.

Why would a consumer prefer TEKON® over another standard sealant?
Consumers can plainly see that TEKON’s protective sealant is more durable and resistant to stain or damage over the long run. It is easier to maintain and less expensive because there are no more service calls. Having TEKON's eco-friendly, green product like Repellant Wash® or Empowered Weekly™ with periodic use, rejuvenates the sealing process and adds additional protection.

How has your client base reacted to using TEKON® products?
One customer we have, requested a lavastone countertop. She selected the material and she knew it was going to be problematic. We’ve sent out teams to clean and reseal it. The last time we returned to her home, we presented the TEKON® Easy Clean Forever® Kit for Granite, Marble and Stone. We refinished it with TEKON's products, sealed it and gave her microfiber Tek Towels and the Empowered Weekly™ spray. She loved the product and performance so much, two weeks later she phoned our offices with a request to coat her shower area.

Is the TEKON® stone sealing process difficult to use on porous stone surfaces?
We use TEKON® products on a lot of different types of stone surfaces. Black granite and white marble are different. We apply it to a variety of surfaces: polished, antique, honed, brushed and sand blasted. There are appropriate and recommended protocols for different types of stone surfaces. If the protocols are followed, the end product always looks great and is protected, too.

How does the homeowner maintain a treated stone surface?
If the homeowner wants to bring the stone surface back to the original luster and help seal and protect the surface, they can use the Empowered Daily™ and Empowered  Weekly™ spray. No rinsing or scouring is necessary. Empowered Weekly™ cleans and shines, and cuts through grease and fat. Empowered Daily™ removes toxins and bacteria with a microfiber Tek Towel. The Empowered Weekly™ spray cleans and shines the surface and actually helps restore the seal. Now that’s revolutionary!

Are there other unique attributes to the TEKON® system of sealing and maintaining surfaces?
Yes, TEKON® provides microfiber Tek Towels for sealant applications and for the Repellant Wash®, Empowered Daily™ and Empowered Weekly™ sprays. Used dry, the microfiber Tek Towels electrostatically picks up dust, surface dirt, lint, hair and so much more. No more sneezing: the microfiber holds the dust particles rather than just pushing them along - all without chemicals. TEKON® treated surfaces produce a positive charged environment that repels water, dust, and oil. The microfiber Tek Towel produces a negative static charge that attracts dust and dirt like a magnet. With microfiber, there is no lint and no streaking.

What makes TEKON’s stone sealing product superior to others?
From a stone installer:

TEKON®  provides a complete system for stone: to clean, seal, protect, and maintain it. TEKON® has introduced the next generation of sealants. Other products provide a seal, but need to be reapplied frequently. Once the other type of sealer is applied, there is no way to predict what the client is going to clean it with, and this is a problem. Before using TEKON® products, we were sending teams out to clients’ homes where red wine had spilled on the countertop. Our team would soak the spot with a poultice and reseal the surface. These calls are time consuming. There is really not a lot of profit in this sort of maintenance call, but we feel obligated to our clients to provide follow-up for stone surfaces we installed. Now we use TEKON®  stone sealer and with TEKON's® sealing protocol, any red wine spills does not penetrate the sealed surface.


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