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What does it mean to be a TEKON® Distributor?

If you already own or plan to own a business where our TEKON® line of cleaning products seem to be a complimentary match, then you may qualify to become a TEKON® Distributor. A distributor is typically the highest level of "partnership" that one can attain with TEKON®. The decisive factor of "who is a dealer?" and "who is a distributor?" is more clearly understood when you realize that TEKON® is simply in the business of selling quality products and not in the "business" of selling business opportunities such as franchises. No up-front or recurring fees are charged to create or continue a relationship with TEKON®.

A distributor is an entity (individual or company) that is capable of purchasing a certain volume of core product and related accessories. A distributor is expected to "maintain" a certain level of purchases on a monthly basis. It is common that a distributor has "dealers/applicators" under his/her umbrella.

For example if Company "A" runs an operation where they primarily install shower enclosures for residential bathrooms, they may create a relationship with several "dealers/applicators" who can handle the beautification and protective treatment of those newly installed enclosures. And why stop with the shower? A quick look around will quickly expose that there is porcelain, stainless steel, stone, tile and other materials that will greatly benefit from a TEKON® cleaning and protective treatment.

The "dealer/applicator" can purchase their TEKON® products from the distributor. This chain of buying power increases the overall volume of the distributor to a point where they are able to buy at the best discount as well as allow the "dealer/applicator" to purchase the product at a point similar to what they would pay if buying directly from TEKON®.

The hierarchy chart below shows the relationship among the various components of the TEKON® outreach infrastructure.  Note that no restrictions are placed on any of it's associates in reference to price, territory or scope of operations. Each entity is capable of working independently (and that includes TEKON® itself).  We certainly suggest that mutual respect be used in a competitive market and the main company will always be aware of wanting to work "with" and not "against" it's own down-line partners.

How Do I Become a TEKON® Distributor?

TEKON® is actively seeking new distributors and it has made the process of becoming a distributor a rather painless process. Simply send us an email to info@tekon.com and we will contact you with additional information.