The Magic of...Clean • Protect • Shine®

How To Turn Professional Cleaning and Protective Surface
Products Into A Rich and Rewarding Career

What does it mean to be a TEKON® Certified Dealer? 
TEKON® provides unique business opportunities for those whose wish to work "in the field" as a TEKON® Applications Specialist. An applicator (or certified dealer) are the people who actually do the work. They are the individuals that perform the full business cycle of activities which include establishing the initial relationship with the client (home owner or commercial property owner), drawing up an agreement and then completing the agreed upon services.

Often TEKON® will receive requests from potential clients who reside in locations that TEKON® does not currently have active dealers. TEKON® is more than willing to provide those referrals to those dealers that can conveniently service the desired areas.  These referrals can be a catalyst to helping you grow your business.

It's important that TEKON® Certified Dealers are able to perform their duties in a professional and friendly manner. Reports of bad faith or non performance from "clients" can seriously damage a dealer's credibility with TEKON's main office.

TEKON® recognizes the independent nature of many of its dealers. The main company's policy is to not stifle the business practices of its dealers and for the most part, stays far away from any interfering practices. TEKON® does however have an obligation to maintain relationships with only those companies (or individuals) where reasonable and complementary activities can be expected.

Who can qualify as a TEKON® Certified Dealer?

Both men and women share an equal chance of success as a TEKON® Certified Dealer. Your ability and desire to work hard and honestly are probably the most important factors in determining your ultimate success in this business.

TEKON® has developed proven products that can make your services a requested commodity. When applications are performed as recommended, you are almost assured of leaving a very pleased customer.

How much money can I make?

In general, your income potential is really determined by the effort you are willing to put into your new venture. Some people become dealers because they simply want to add supplemental income to their existing business. Others have decided to go "full-time" due to necessity (lost job etc.) or because this opportunity is something they always wanted to do in the first place.

Owning your own business has been an American dream for decades. Few businesses with true monetary potential can be started for the minimal purchase that you would have to make to become a Certified Dealer at TEKON®.

Many dealers charge by the projected square footage of the area to be treated. Proposals of up to $5.00 per square foot (and more) have been reported by active applicators. The often multi-step procedure of many of the applications warrant a reasonable yet profitable fee be charged for those services. Once  clients are made aware of the full extent of your work, they normally agree that your charges are justified and fair.

Applicators can easily charge private homes hundreds to thousands of dollars while high rise office buildings can be charged tens of thousands. Not everyone will want or have the skill to provide services for a high rise but numerous commercial properties can be reached by simple ladders.

Another source of related income is associated with the ability of the dealer to sell the TEKON® consumer products directly to their clients. Once an application is complete, most treated surfaces only need minor maintenance to keep those surfaces in Better than New® condition.

How Do I Become a TEKON® Certified Dealer?

TEKON® is actively seeking new dealers and it has made the process of becoming a certified dealer a rather painless process. Simply send us an email to info@tekon.com and we will contact you with additional information.