Empowered Weekly - Cleaner and Sealant - TEKON
Empowered Weekly - Cleaner and Sealant - TEKON
Empowered Weekly - Cleaner and Sealant - TEKON
Empowered Weekly - Cleaner and Sealant

Empowered Weekly - Cleaner and Sealant


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This eco-friendly cleaner not only cleans surfaces, but offers the highest level of surface protection and shine out of all TEKON cleaners.

It contains the highest concentration of our proprietary sealing and polishing compounds, which seals the microscopic pores in hard surfaces with a slick nano-tech coating that repels dirt, dust, oil, and fingerprints. Every use renews the protective coating, making it easy to keep surfaces clean.

Kills bacteria, cuts through grease and fat, and removes some hard water stains. Non-toxic, water-based, and free from artificial scents. Safe for use around pets and children, as well as on all food prep surfaces. Safe for any indoor/outdoor washable hard surfaces.

**Due to the high concentration of sealing compounds, this product is not recommended for glass and mirrors due to hazing.**

Light to Medium Duty Cleanups on all washable hard surfaces, including:
- stone and tile surfaces
- chrome, stainless steel, and other metal surfaces
- plastic
- wood
- leather
- painted walls

**DO NOT USE on floors, as the protective coating is extremely slippery.**
**NOT RECOMMENDED for glass or mirrors due to hazing.**

- Simply spray on a generous amount of Empowered Weekly, and wipe off with a microfiber Tek Towel. For tougher jobs, let soak momentarily before wiping clean. No rinsing or scouring necessary.


Customer Reviews

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robert gach

Excelllent process and finish I shed product!

Dave Richardson
Magic for granite! Amazing finish and shine with protection.

We have used TEKON for 20 years and have loved how it cleans, protect and shines our granite. We highly recommend for granite and marble.

Erik H.
Works great

I use this to clean my island and kitchen countertops. Cleans really well and I love the slick coating! Keeps my kitchen looking sparkling clean. Highly recommended.