Stone & Tile Sealant Kit

Stone & Tile Sealant Kit


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This kit includes everything you need to clean, seal, protect and maintain all your stone and tile surfaces. Add a protective coating that repels water, dust, and grease, and makes cleanup effortless!

- 1 x  4oz Empowered Daily™
- 1 x 4oz  Empowered Weekly™
- 2 x 4oz Stone Sealer A
- 1 x 2oz Tekon® B Protective Sealant
- 1 pair Nitrile Gloves
- 1 x 3M Scotch-Brite™ Light Duty Cleansing Pad #7445
- 2 x Microfiber Tek Pads
- 3 x Microfiber Tek Towels

- Clean stone and tile surfaces and prepare them for sealing treatment.
- Apply two different protective sealing treatments that provide the ultimate protection from water, dust, oil, and dirt.

**DO NOT APPLY Tekon B to floors as the coating is extremely slippery. Only apply Stone Sealer A to floors.**

- Use Empowered Daily to clean and prep stone and tile surfaces. Simply spray on and wipe clean with a Tek Towel.
- Apply a liberal amount of Stone Sealer A to the included Tek Pad and apply in even strokes to the prepared stone or tile surface. Let dry, and reapply a second coat.
- Follow up with Tekon B using the same process as used for Stone Sealer A. Your surface will now have two protective sealant treatments for maximum protection.
- Use Empowered Weekly once or twice a week to clean and maintain the protective coating on your treated surfaces.