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The Bath & Glass Kit provides everything you need to fully restore, seal, and maintain 1 to 2 glass showers and mirrors (up to 70 sq. ft).

Restore old, dirty, and stained glass, and then add a protective coating to ensure it never returns to its previous condition.

For new installations, this kit ensures your glass shower will continue to sparkle for years and years.

Your shower glass and mirrors will easily repel water, dust, and oil, which will make routine cleanup faster and easier than ever.

- 1 x 4 oz. Glass Luster™ Restoration Cream
- 1 x 4 oz. Empowered Daily™
- 1 x 2 oz. Tekon® B Protective Sealant
- 1 x 4 oz. Repellant Wash®
- 1 x 3M Scotch-Brite™ Light Duty Cleansing Pad #7445
- 1 x Microfiber Tek Pad
- 2 x Microfiber Tek Towels
- 1 pair Nitrile Gloves

- Remove hard water stains and oxidation from glass shower doors, glass enclosures, metal frames, faucets, and mirrors, and restores them to like new condition.
- Protect treated surfaces and leaves them water, dust, and oil repellant for easy maintenance.

- DO NOT USE on sandblasted or etched glass.
- DO NOT use TEKON® B sealer on floors.

- Glass Luster Restoration Cream removes hard water and oxidation from glass, metal, and porcelain.
- TEKON® B seals surfaces with a slick protective coating that repels water, dust, and oil.
- Repellant Wash® cleans the surface and polishes to a sparkling shine. Used to maintain the treated surface.

**For mirrors, use Empowered Daily instead of Glass Luster to prep the surface for TEKON B. Empowered Daily can be used for daily quick cleanups on all surfaces.**

Customer Reviews

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Miracle Product

I had been trying to remove water spots from a glass shower door with household cleaners which didn't really make a dent. This product took a little elbow grease, but really got the job done. Much better result than I had expected! I have another shower door that came treated with Tekon and with the use of the cleaner has been nearly effortless to maintain, so I am thrilled to be able to get the spots off so I can apply the Tekon B and have the same easy maintenance on this shower too.

Paula Burkland
Shower glass door

This is the second purchase of your product! It’s the only product that I can find that cleans and waterproofs our glass shower door! Thank you!

Felipe Mationg
Surprised at how well it works

Recommended by a current user. Very easy to apply, and easy to maintain. Love to be able to see our doors so clear. Customer Service is very responsive and knowledgeable.