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repellant wash

This revolutionary product cleans, seals, and protects your home surfaces from stains, spills, and splashes.

Surfaces resist water, dirt, dust, and oil, so you can easily wipe clean and enjoy a sparkling home!

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The invisible coating fills in the microscopic pores in hard surfaces, leaving a smooth, slick surface that prevents dirt and stains from sticking to the surface.

Clean with less effort and wasted time!


Repellant Wash is great for cleaning nearly any hard surfaces! Try it on all your glass, stone, tile, stainless steel, chrome, plastic, wood.. even your smartphones, iPads, and laptops!


Eco-friendly and bio-degradable solution. No ammonia, acetone, bleach, or alcohol! No harsh chemicals or odors. Repellant Wash is completely safe to use around kids and pets. And, unlike many other cleaning sprays, it is safe to use on all food prep surfaces!


We make every batch in-house at our 26,000 sq ft facility in California that is dedicated to manufacturing only TEKON products. No cross contamination with other products or chemicals occurs, and we oversee our production process from start to finish.

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This product works. When I installed new glass shower doors in my master bath, the installer used the Tekon Glass Luster product and gave me a bottle of the Tekon Repellent Wash. It's the only product I've used that has worked as described. I use the repellent wash about once a week to keep the glass clean. In 5 years I've had to use the Glass Luster product only twice to clean the glass back to original clarity. It removes the water spots and build up.

K. Kuhlmann

Amazon Customer Review (8/4/2018)


The Repellent Wash is great for cleaning mirrors, glass and high-lustre fixtures (like sinks) and appliances. I only use it weekly on mirrors which are then easy to keep clean (dust and fingerprints don't stick to them as easily).

This stuff works great on glass when you can really spend time cleaning and polishing the windows (i.e. it would be difficult to use in certain outdoor areas up high). I can tell where I've used this product versus other glass cleaners when the afternoon sun hits the windows just right. The Tekon doesn't leave a film on the windows like other products can.


Amazon Customer Review (12/11/2012)


I love this product! I use it on multiple surfaces in my kitchen (unreal results on stainless steel!) and I keep one upstairs to use on mirrors and bathroom counters!! I admit I love to clean, and this product makes it easy and fun! My mirrors actually shine!!

Michele M.

Amazon Customer Review (03/22/2019)


I've used Tekon Repellant Wash on my new shower wall for two years now and love it! No streaks and
definitely no water spots. It's as clear as the day we had it installed.Β 

Diane Luzar

Brookfield, WI


We love Repellant Wash for so many reasons. We are always working with glass in my wedding and event planning business whether it be frames, vases, table tops or just the shower. For the best results, we always use Tekon. Thank you for the products!

Linda Pittelli

Eventful Designing LLC


This stuff is awesome on glass. I don't ever clean my garage windows and it cleaned them to a SPARKLE with only one spray. My glass tile back splash shines more than ever. Not so great on wood, but everything else, stone, stainless steel, it's exceptional. Will buy again and highly recommend.


Amazon Customer Review (11/30/2017)


We bought two bottles of this we loved it so much after getting the first. It cleans shower doors, it cleans car windows, it cleans house windows, it cleans granite and other counter tops. Simply use with a microfiber cloth and buff to a PERFECT shine every time. We will say the sprayer could be more sturdy as the one on our first bottle broke after a few uses, but we'll just share the one from the second. The product inside itself is a terrific cleaner!

Ryan Healey

Amazon Customer Review (10/22/2013)


Since taking delivery of my Tesla Model S in June 2013, I have settled on Tekon’s Repellant Wash as the
only product for keeping my car's glass clean and water-spot free. I was already familiar with the
product because my contractor recommended it to me a few years ago when we remodeled our
bathroom. Well, when I got my Model S I realized that keeping the glass clean was going to be a
challenge because I had ordered the sunroof, which means that the entire cabin of the car from hood to
trunk lid is almost all glass. Anytime I use the wiper wash, it leaves residual spray on the sunroof. I tried
several off-the-shelf products from the auto parts store, but none of them worked for me. They either
left streaks or didn't guard against water spots. But when I used the Repellant Wash, my problems were
solved: no streaks and most importantly, no water spots! I wouldn't think of using anything else.

Lee S.

Kaneohe, Hawaii

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