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Ultimate Home Care Package

Was: $139.46
Now: $107.90
MSRP: $139.46
Your Savings: $31.56 (22.63%)


Stock up on Repellant Wash with the Mighty Trio!


This Ultimate Home Care package is all you need to maintain a sparkling home without harsh and toxic chemicals. Safely clean and protect your surfaces with just these 3 bottles, plus 3 Tek Towels and a gallon of Repellant Wash. If you bought these items individually, it would cost $136.46. We bundled these essentials for you with a 22% discount for only $107.90 plus standard shipping and handling. Plus we'll give you a free 16oz bottle of Repellant Wash and a free Tek Towel, which makes an excellent gift. Replace all your harsh and toxic cleaning chemicals with Tekon's eco-friendly products.


Use Empowered Daily for light clean up. Empowered Daily is scent free and is safe for all surfaces throughout your home. Safely remove marks from your painted walls without removing the paint.


Use Super Scum Remover for heavy clean up like your stove, oven, hood, outdoor bbq and ring around the tub. Non-toxic and even safe to use without gloves. Repels cockroaches and ants without any harsh scent.


Once your surfaces are cleaned up, protect your surfaces with Repellant Wash. Your surfaces will stay cleaner longer and even repel dust, water and oil. Use Repellant Wash for streak free windows and windows will stay dust free longer than using regular window cleaner. Repellant Wash saves you valuable time spent cleaning your home.


The Tek Towels are a notch above cotton towels. Rather than leaving a streak of dust, these high quality microfiber towels pick up small dust particles and traps them in the fiber until their washed. These very durable towels are good for 100's of washes. Wash in warm water with liquid detergent. Air dry or tumble dry on low heat. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.



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