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Safety of Tekon® Protective Coatings

The protective coating element of TEKON® products consists of organic optical quality polymer compounds (chemicals combining carbon and polymer atoms, or “silanes”) dissolved in appropriate organic solvents. The polymer compound is chemically reactive with both itself and also the surface to be coated. The organic solvents serve to dilute the active polymer ingredient to the right concentration and provides a way of applying the material to a surface and achieve the correct protective coating thickness.

The liquid coating itself is a mild irritant and typical of most organic solvents. The active polymer ingredient may also be classified as a mild irritant and should not be splashed into the eyes, inhaled in any great quantity or have prolonged skin contact. When the solution is applied to a surface, the organic solvents evaporate away and the coating remains, gradually curing (within 60 to 120 seconds) with exposure to humidity. The curing process releases very small amounts of isopropyl and ethyl alcohols which also evaporate away. The resulting coating consists of a network of carbon and polymer atoms tightly linked together. The cured coating is insoluble, free of volatile residues, and no longer contains irritants of any variety. Based on its chemistry, insolubility and durability, TEKON® sealants can be considered to be chemically inert and entirely non-toxic.

TEKON® treated countertops, sinks and appliances are entirely safe for food preparation.



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