Shower Door Manufacturer

The leading manufacturer of bath enclosures tested Tekon® products. On one of their doors, they coated the anodized aluminum frame, vinyl seal and glass; the other door they left uncoated. For six weeks, both sets of enclosures and doors were blasted with steam generated cycles to simulate 6.3 years of use.

The Results: The uncoated glass was permanently stained with stage 1 corrosion. The anodized aluminum was corroded with pits and the vinyl was faded, requiring acid cleaning. The TEKON® coated door was as good as new, after only wiping with a cotton cloth. Simularly, the glass was spotless; the aluminum was spotless and the vinyl was spotless.  


Transit Company

After six years, Long Beach Transit's (LBT) coach windows were corroded severely and required replacement. Available sealing coatings were tested. The TEKON® products were applied to LBT glass and polycarbonate (PC) bus windows and subjected to 4 months of normal weather and driving conditions. Each month the windows were evaluated and cleaned. The test using the TEKON® products was compared with other tested solutions such as, waxing and washing with various other cleaning solutions.

The Results: Other solutions simply did not work. Water spotting returned within hours or days. One solution lasted for about two weeks before the spots returned on the glass and could not be cleaned sufficiently to prevent the quick return of water spots. The polycarbonate (PC) bus windows could not be restored.


Long Beach Transit

TEKON® restored both glass and polycarbonate (PC) windows for Long Beach Transit. After 4 months light water spots were removed with simple wiping. They were so happy with the results and TEKON's performance that we restored and sealed their entire Long Beach Transit bus fleet with our Glass Luster + TEKON® A treatment and our TEKON® B + Repellent Wash® System. The expensive cost of replacement and rider complaints have been eliminated. The city of Long Beach now takes pride in its showcase transit coaches. Visitors are impressed and rider surveys are very positive.


Omnitrans San Bernardino
Thirty Omnitrans coaches in San Bernardino, CA were treated with TEKON® products. Without any maintenance, the windows treated with TEKON® remained free of corrosion, while untreated windows permanently spotted. They were so happy with the results, their entire fleet was restored and treated with our TEKON® system for spot free performance.




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