Professional Applications

TEKON® A is a professionally applied protective sealant that can be applied to new or installed glass.  The TEKON® A process links oxygen with carbon on the porous surface, blocking hydrolysis and making the surface hydrophobic, water repellent, anti-static, oil repellent, and dust repellent. It is easy to apply, just wipe on and wipe off without the need of any power equipment. It takes little space to store in your warehouse and a little goes a long way.

The product is applied as follows: Prepare the glass surface for sealing. On new glass use TEKON's Empowered Daily™ and for installed used glass, clean with a 3M Scotch-Brite® pad #7445 in white color for light duty and TEKON's Glass Luster, then clean with Empowered Daily™ and a microfiber Tek Towel. Then apply TEKON® A with a microfiber Tek Applicator Pad. Make sure all surface areas are covered and let stand for approximately 60 - 90 seconds, depending on humidity.

Next Phase: TEKON® B is a blend of multi nano size polymers that are designed to alter the properties of glass and similar non porous surfaces in such a way that it causes water, dust and oil to be repelled. TEKON® B also reduces the adhesion and build up on glass and non-porous surfaces of materials such as: dust, deposits, salt and other environmental substances. Therefore, TEKON® B is used as an overcoat for TEKON® A by professionals.

TEKON® B is applied as follows: Apply TEKON® B with a clean microfiber Tek Applicator Pad on top of the dry, slightly hazed TEKON® A treated surface. Make sure that all surface areas are covered. Let stand for approximately 60 - 90 seconds, depending on humidity. After the application is completed, spray a mist of Repellant Wash® and wipe the surface with a microfiber Tek Towel and buff to a lustrous shine. This application results in your glass surface looking Better Than New™. All that is required to maintain this long lasting condition is periodic cleaning with Repellant Wash® and a microfiber Tek Towel.


Style Bath Enclosures says TEKON® is "Liquid Gold"

Style Bath Enclosures has been using TEKON® products for many years.

"It's the best and easiest selling product we have in our showroom. We are applying it to 90% of our shower doors. We have had literally no complaints on the product since day one. Our customers are very appreciative of the product. We call it "our liquid gold". We set up all of our dealers with sales kits along with all of our independent contractors to be able to sell the product at their location".

Sincerely, Dennis Barley


TEKON® Seals and Protects Glass and Stone

We interviewed, Gene Bowers, an expert with 37 years of experience in the stone fabrication profession. Gene owns Team Marble and Granite in Idaho and Utah. He's been working with a variety of stone surfaces over the course of his career. Some of his clients live in luxury homes and they sometimes request exotic stone materials for kitchen and bathroom items such as, countertops and sinks. These areas of the home are more prone to staining and more susceptible to damage. Most stone fabricators seal stone products such as these for maximum durability. Gene had been using standard sealers up until he discovered the new generation of sealants for stone, by TEKON® and now uses TEKON® products exclusively ever since.


Tekon® Cleans, Seals and Protects Stone and Glass

TEKON® is part of the Green Disruptive Technology (GDT) sweeping the United States with eco-friendly Easy Clean Forever® products for Granite, Marble, Ceramic Tile, Stone and Glass. They are safe for home use and also utilized commercially in the transportation, building and other industries. TEKON's easy to use system is chemical free, fights germs, mold and bacteria and seals the surface making it stain resistant.

TEKON® produces revolutionary maintenance products consisting of water based ingredients that create a substance that is odorless, leaves no residue, and is not harmful to humans or pets.
With TEKON's complete cleaning solutions, there's no need to use harsh chemicals that can damage the surface or create an unhealthy environment. For the best results, a microfiber Tek Towel is recommeded to be used with Repellant Wash®, Empowered Daily™ and Empowered Weekly™. TEKON's Easy Clean Forever® system maintains surfaces in optimum condition and leaves no residue or streaks. TEKON's cleaners and protective surface sealers are ideal for food preparation areas made from stone because they are designed to create and maintain a hygienic environment.

Tek Home® Division is a professional team for residences who are trained to clean, seal and protect surfaces to create a chemical free home environment. An excellent choice for individuals with sensitivities to allergens and chemicals, a Tek Home® reduces maintenance and exposure to harsh chemicals and creates an ultra hygienic environment (see Services/Tek Home®).

TEKON® has been a member of the US Green Building Council since 2004. Through a complete line of chemical free products for the home, TEKON® hopes to contribute to the prevention of the spread of illness through bacteria and the spread of mold spores and other toxins which render home environments unsafe. Call 888-988-3566 or email for more information on chemical free cleaning solutions for stone and glass surfaces in the home. TEKON® products create a warm sense of security in the home amidst the backdrop of a hostile and uncertain outside environment. Through the use of TEKON's products, TEKON® hopes consumers and industries will create a healthier and more prosperous life for themselves and those they serve.


TEKON® Introduces Easy Clean Forever® Kits

TEKON® has developed an affordable line of green environmental products for kitchen and bath that imitate a perfectly natural process. In nature, a leaf or plant or rose never stays dirty, because living things possess a water resistant surface that protects them against, germs, bacteria, fungus and other toxins which can cause illness or even death. TEKON's Easy Clean Forever® Bath & Glass Sealant Kits, Kitchen Stone & Tile Sealant Kits, Countertop Maintenance Kit and Stainless Steel Sealant Kits are ideal for cleaning, protecting and maintaining surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, making them ultra hygienic and free of bacteria, mold and other toxins. The revolutionary protective treatment and maintenance process makes kitchens and bathrooms look Better Than New®. TEKON’s Easy Clean Forever® kits are easy to apply, chemical free, people and pet friendly. TEKON’s process protects surfaces, making them stain resistant as well as water, dust and oil repellent.

Surfaces are easily maintained with just two products: consists of Empowered Daily™ and Repellant Wash®. Spraying and wiping kitchen and bathroom areas with Empowered Daily™ and a microfiber Tek Towel removes toxins and bacteria from the surface. No rinsing or scouring necessary and contains no chemicals. TEKON® products are people and pet friendly and excellent for food prep areas because they're free from artificial "clean" scents. The use of microfiber Tek Towels sets up a static charge and collects dust particles and dirt, rather than spreading it into the air. Contemporary homes are much different than those built a generation ago.

“It’s not your mother’s house anymore. Homes are now made with architectural materials such as natural stone, glass, ceramic tile, and stainless steel. These materials are sensitive to chemicals, and can be damaged by abrasives or harsh chemicals.”


Home Improvement with TEKON's Chemical Free Green Products

Thanks to nanotechnology and the use of TEKON's chemical and solvent free proprietary ingredients, new chemical free cleaning products for stone and glass are being used to help create surfaces that are free of bacteria, germs and mold.  TEKON® products are easy to use, chemical free, fights germs, mold, and bacteria and seals the surface, making it stain resistant and keeps germs on top where they are easily destroyed.

TEKON’s Easy Clean for Granite, Marble, Ceramic Tile, Stone and Glass was selected from 287,000 other products by QVC for their search for the “Decade of Discovery Series”. A TEKON® demonstration aired on their home shopping channel and viewers were amazed with TEKON® products and results.

Through a complete line of chemical free products for the home and office, TEKON® hopes to contribute to the prevention of the spread of illness through bacteria, mold spores and other toxins which render environments unsafe.



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