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Easy Clean Forever Countertop Cleaning + Maintenance Kit

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Clean • Protect • Shine®

Easy Clean Forever® Countetop kit contains 2 of our most popular formulas that are designed to clean and maintain your countertops and wood cabinets.  Contains TEKON's Empowered Weekly™ a water-based, non-toxic cleaning and copolymeric formula that is water and dust repellant for quick cleaning/polishing of TEKON® treated and non-treated indoor/outdoor washable stone and wood surfaces. Also included is TEKON's Empowered Daily™ a non-toxic, water-based cleaner without chemicals. Use Empowered Daily™ for daily hygienic cleaning without polish. When used together with TEKON's Microfiber Tek Towel, Empowered Daily™ removes bacteria. Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

Kit Contains:

  • 8 oz. Empowered Daily™
  • 8 oz. Empowered Weekly™ (not for floors)
  • 2 ea. Microfiber Tek Towels
  • 1 pr.  Nitrile gloves

Excellent for all food prep areas.  Free from artificial scents and pet friendly.

Fabric Washing Instructions:

Machine wash Tek Pad and Tek Towels with liquid detergent in warm water (not hot) with like color items that are lint free.  DO NOT USE powder detergent, bleach or fabric softener.  Dry in clothes dryer with warm heat or line dry.  DO NOT IRON. They can be washed over 100 times and be reused over and over.


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