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How To Turn Professional Cleaning and Protective Surface
Products Into A Rich and Rewarding Career


Our Business Can Be Your Business... 
You can begin enjoying the benefits of working in your own business in less time than you might have guessed.

That's right! If you are eager to make a change in your daily work schedule or possibly add our services to your current line of work, we think you'll find that the business of Window/Glass Cleaning, Restoration, Protection and other related services are just waiting for the  right people. Maybe you're one of those people.

Both men and women can engage in satisfying and profitable "owner/operator" businesses that serve the common needs of their communities. Opportunities exist in the home and commercial ends of this business.

TEKON®  can provide you with some of the finest cleaning and protective solutions available on the market.

We have 3 different options for you to make money with our products:

When you partner with TEKON®, you partner with a pro!



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