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iTek Electronics Anti-Static Cleaner and Protector Kit

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The iTek® Electronics Anti-Static Cleaner and Protector Kit contains all the proper components that will allow you to clean, protect and maintain your electronic equipment and peripherals. It is Anti-Static and Non Toxic and uses no harsh chemicals. Excellent for use on iPhones, iPads, computers, , laptops, ipods, TVs, keyboards and other digital devices like DVD players and Home Theater Systems.

Completely Safe for all your screens and hard plastics at home, office, school or work.

What's inside the box?

  • 1 ea. 4 oz. iTek Cleaner
  • 1 ea.  4 oz. iTek Protectant
  • 2 ea. Microfiber Tek Towels (for cleaning & shining)
  • 1 ea. Microfiber Tek Pad (for initial cleaning)
  • 1 ea. Travel Kit (meets air travel requirements)
    • White Color Refillable Spray Pen
    • Green Color Refillable Spray Pen
    • Microfiber Tek Cloth
    • Vinyl Holder
  • Compete instructions



Eliminates dust and fingerprints with regular use.



This is a must have product for everyone and makes a great gift! Keeps electronic peripherals looking Better Than New®.



Includes a convenient travel kit with two refillable spray pens
and holder which meets legal liquid limits for air travel.



That's right! Now you can travel
and keep your laptop and other
devices as clean and looking good at all times


Get yourself something you can really use on a regular basis!
Pick one up for yourself and pick one up for a friend.



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