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Stone Sealer A (8 oz)

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Stone Sealer A is a unique water based penetrating sealer which produces an invisible resistant barrier against oil and water stains. It is a safe and virtually odorless product that does not contain any toxic or dangerous solvents.

For protection of all natural stone, such as: marble, limestone, granite, Travertine, slate, sandstone as well as for manufactured stone, such as: concrete, brick, rock, saltillo, and quarry tile. It also works great on grout joints. For indoors and/or outdoors on hardscapes.

  • Preparation: Stone Surface should be clean, dry, and free of waxes or other surface coatings.  Cleaning the surface with Empowered Daily and a 3M Scotch Brite Pad #7445 Light Duty in white color, cleans and sterilizes the surfaces without leaving any residue. New cement grout joints should be allowed to fully dry prior to application.
  • Application: Apply sealer in an even and generous film onto the stone surface and grout joints using a TEKON® Microfiber Mop or Microfiber Tek Applicator Pad.
  • On Polished Stone: Allow to absorb and dry for 1 to 2 hours. Inspect surfaces and if a residue or film is visible, remove with water and TEKON® Microfiber Mop or Microfiber Tek Applicator Pad. Some polished granites are very porous and require a second application.
  • On Porous Stone: Very porous stone will usually absorb all the sealer with the first application and no residue cleaning is necessary. For best results, a second application should be applied one hour later. If the second application does not soak into the stone within ten minutes, wipe off excess.


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