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Tek Mop Kit - Telescopic Pole with 2 Microfiber Tek Pads


High-Quality Tek Mop Kit comes with heavy-duty telescopic mop pole and two (2) large size Microfiber Tek mop pads.

The expandable metal pole is 4 feet long collapsed and 6 feet long fully extended.

The Microfiber Tek mop pads are 24.5" x 5.25" each and are designed to glide across your floor with ease while damp. Pads are safe for all surfaces.  They attach quickly and easily to the mop head with hook and loop fasteners.  Microfiber Tek mop pads are machine washable and can last hundreds of washings.

Use one mop pad for cleaning stone floors with Tekon's Stone Cleaner and the other mop pad for applying Tekon's Stone Sealer.  After your floor is sealed, use Stone Wash weekly to maintain the Better Than New™ look.