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Tekon® Repellant Wash® (128 oz) gallon
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Multi-surface cleaner and protector


Repellant Wash® is an amazing water based cleaning and copolymer formula that is entirely safe, non-toxic and chemical free. It is also an anti-static and environmentally friendly water-based protectant. It penetrates soap scum, water spots, dirt, grime, bacteria, oil and other environmental contaminants and with the use of a microfiber Tek Towel, it lifts them from the surface. With the dirt and grime barrier gone, the copolymers bond to the surface and protect it from water, dust, oil, dirt, grease, grime, soap scum, salt fog and other surface damaging contaminants that cause corrosion, oxidation and staining.


Repellant Wash® is an excellent multi-functional cleaner and sealant for most items and architectural surfaces whether they have been previously treated with TEKON® protective products or not. It has been designed to maintain long lasting durability and performance. TEKON® products never flake or discolor. Contains no solvents. No greasy feel or oiliness, just a silky smooth surface that's protected.  It is laboratory tested and proven.

Repellant Wash® is simply sprayed onto the surface and easily wiped off and buffed to a sensational shine with a microfiber Tek Towel. It will leave the surface looking Better Than New®. Repellant Wash® does not create any buildup but adds more protection and shine every time you use it.

  • Easy to apply (spray & wipe)
  • Water repellent
  • Dust repellent
  • Oil repellent
  • Stain resistant
  • Cleans and Protects
  • Leaves a streak free shine
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Pet friendly



Repellant Wash® is an excellent streak free glass cleaner and glass sealant combined into one unique formula. It is also used to clean, protect and shine both interior and exterior

  • improves glass clarity
  • cleans and protects granite, marble, travertine
  • keeps dust off computer monitors and tv screens
  • conditions and protects wood
  • metal is shinier
  • appliances stay cleaner longer


Due to the slick, shiny, hydrophobic/oleophobic properties of Repellant Wash®, do not use on floors. For best results, use Repellant Wash® together with a microfiber Tek Towel leaving surfaces dust free for months. When using on electronics, be sure to turn off all equipment and do not spray directly onto electronics being cleaned. Lightly spray Repellant Wash® onto a microfiber Tek Towel and do not soak. Wipe surface clean. Each application builds more protection. Warning: microfiber Tek Towels will not scratch surfaces, however it can pick up and trap particles that will scratch. Frequently wash your microfiber Tek Towels to release trapped dirt and debris.

1 Gallon is equivalent to 8 qty - 16 oz. bottles

available in refillable travel-size pens